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 Doing nothing changes nothing. 
Take that first step toward a new life.

At NJTIP we are dedicated to helping people who are suffering from addictions and mental illness.  Our volunteers will listen without judgment, discuss treatment options, and assist you in finding appropriate treatment if you choose.  


Knowing that criminal charges often accompany addictions and mental illness, NJTIP is uniquely qualified to assist you in resolving these issues in order to further your chances of a successful recovery.


"Due to my genetics and upbringing, I suffered trauma and mental illness most of my life. That led to my active addiction in my 30’s. In 2018, I hit rock bottom and became homeless in the streets of Beverly, NJ. At that time, I would use anything I could get my hands on. Like most people in active addiction, I was charged with felonies and desperately needed to change my life. I was introduced to NJ Tip and LT. Fisher and I honestly feel I would not be alive to had I not! I was given support to begin my recovery by going into long-term treatment, sober living, and having them by my side through every court date. Once I finished that, I was able to continue counseling to overcome my mental issues and today can say that I do not take any medications. Nothing changes unless you change it and recovery is possible!"

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Jenni-Lee Sweeney
Recovering Addict

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