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Law Enforcement & First Responder Support 


Lt Lou Fisher

  • Law Enforcement for 25years (active)

  • EMT for Delran Emergency Squad 6years

  • Served in United States Marine Corp Reserve

  • Owned private business for 15 years employing over 80 employees

  • Married active Father of 3 boys, Unwanted Divorced after 15 years

  • Loves physical activity, runs, lifts, hunts, fishes, golfs, snowboards and loves his black Lab.                                                                                       Contact Lou at

Linda Headshot 1_edited.png

Linda Hermansky

  • Probation Officer and Drug Court Supervisor doing treatment placement retired after 36 years.

  • Certified Recovery Coach and lives to help anyone in need.

  • Married, Mom to two adult sons and a Grandmom.

  • Have had a child with an addiction problem.

  • Enjoy sewing, crafting and especially the beach.                                  Contact Linda at

Bob Hess photo.jpg

Bob Hess
Bob Hess is a retired Police Officer, serving 33 years in Law Enforcement.  He has been assisting with drug and alcohol rehabilitation for the past 8 years in his professional and personal life.
Since retiring, Bob now travels the country in search of historic sports memorabilia and provides security at sports and comic memorabilia shows.
Bob Enjoys traveling, playing golf, working out with his son and spending time with his family.                                                                                                                   Contact Bob at

Monica Braun.jpg

Monica Braun
25 years New Jersey State Senior Parole Officer (ret)

Certified Peer Recovery Specialist

Certified Crisis Intervention Training and Presenter 

 In 2019, Monica reached a crossroad of passed trauma, work stress and substance use. Monica contemplated ending her life, but instead, she reached out for help.  This marked the beginning of her sobriety journey, and entered a first responder rehab in Florida.  

 Monica's mission is to share her story and inspire others to seek help and healing.  She emphasizes the importance of asking for assistance, especially for first responders who often carry the heavy burden of the profession.             Contact Monica at

Sam Dyson head shot.jpg

Sam Dyson

Sam Dyson is a retired police officer and currently a police chaplain for Riverside PD and Mt Holly PD. He is also a recovery coach specialist and himself in recovery. He is a volunteer and member of NJTIP. Sam teaches a “family in recovery” education program which he developed and oversees. The program teaches recovery through a 12 step spiritual principal meeting.

He enjoys helping others who are struggling with addictions to move to a better way of living a joyous life.

 Contact Sam at

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